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The company producing 20w50 engine oils is one of the oldest manufacturers of this type of industrial products, which has a long history in the field of production and sale of high quality oils. For many years, this production unit has been serving each of the applicants through its exclusive representative centers inside and outside the country. The 20w50 synthetic engine oil offered by this company are embedded in standard packages and have the brand of the manufacturer, which is their identity card and authenticity document.

Vintage 20W50 Engine Oil Distributors

Is 20w50 Good for Petrol Engine?

Is 20w50 Good for Petrol Engine?

It is now clear to everyone that the quality of engine oil can have a huge impact on improving the performance of car parts and plays a key role in this regard. On the other hand, as a car owner, you have the right to choose the best engine oil for your car. .

Definitely one of the effective factors in the type of your choice is familiarity with the car performance system in terms of diesel or gasoline, which here due to the importance of using engine oil, especially in gasoline cars to some features that a good engine oil will be explained:

  • The high quality 20W50 engine oil as a oil older gasoline engines is designed to have a lower viscosity than other types of oils and to rotate easily in a car engine; in fact, it should be noted that this feature is the most important feature that exists for them and is responsible for lubricating the moving parts of the engine.
  • These oils have a good standard and can be easily pumped at the lowest temperature, even in the cold seasons of the year, which makes the car engine start easily and no sound can be heard from the engine cabin.
  • The boiling point of oils of this type is very high and makes it not evaporate and cause not adhesion when accelerating gasoline vehicles, especially at speeds above 100 km / h.

Which Oil Is Better 10w40 or 20w50?

Which Oil Is Better 10w40 or 20w50?

If you want to buy the best and highest quality sample of car engine oil and you are hesitant to choose between 10w40 engine oil and 20w50 oils types.

First of all, we should point out that the lower the number before w, the lower the concentration of the oil and the higher the lubrication, so we recommend 10w40 oils.

  • The first benefit for you is that it reduces the noise of the engine in the first hours of turning on, so if you hear an unpleasant sound after turning on the car, using less viscous oil, ie 10w-40 types, your problem to some extent A lot will be fixed, of course, provided that the problem is not from other parts of the car.
  • There are 4 seasons of this type of oils, so the difference between these two oils is only in the cold start, because when it reaches the standard operating temperature of the engine, its viscosity is still maintained and it prevents the car from boiling after long hours of acceleration.
  • In fact, 10w-40 oil is better than 20w50 models because it is all synthetic and has a longer life and their quality is higher.
  • 10w oils are compatible with all car engines and can be used easily and without worries because this oil flows much more easily at low temperatures and this is important for the engine, because if the oil is too hard Be puts double pressure on the oil pump and finally the motor.

High Quality 20W50 Engine Oil Trade

High Quality 20W50 Engine Oil Trade

20w50 oils are one of the best types of first-class motor oils that are marketed by the company that produces this type of products, and it has attracted many fans in various international arenas, so that it can be said that a large volume of The needs of applicants in global markets are met by their production unit.

This has given a special boost to the 20w50 engine oil business and has made the manufacturer one of the largest exporters of this amazing industrial product.

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