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After many years of supplying its high-quality products within the country, Barekat has now taken a huge step toward global markets to meet the needs of customers worldwide, because we know what makes customers content and we are certain about the quality of our products. Having these two in mind and as our priority, we are ready to offer the best engine oil internationally. It is worth noting that the demand for our products has been increasing in many countries over the past few years. To get to know us and talk with our sales experts, fill in the inquiry form on our website and we will have a consultant reach out to you during working hours on all days of the week.

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Semi-synthetic engine oil

Semi-synthetic oil is a combination of synthetic and mineral oils, which has better performance than mineral engine oil and lower performance than synthetic engine oil. Semi-synthetic oils are friendly to your pocket because they have some characteristics of synthetic oil while being affordable and economical.

engine oil

Synthetic engine oil

Synthetic oil is derived from crude oil, which is completely different from mineral engine oil. The difference in the processing of different types of engine oil determines the difference in their performance and application. Refined and pure full synthetic oil suitable for modern car engines. Because synthetic engine oils are pure, they perform better and move between engine parts more easily.

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Hello, have a good time. You have a very good site and it helped me a lot to buy a good product. I hope you are always successful.

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