Engine oil API buying guide + Great price

Engine oil API buying guide + Great price

Have you ever noticed that the engine oil that you use, goes dark and gets dirty after a time? How does it happen? Does it mean that the oil isn’t useful anymore? Should we change it?
Here we want to know more about engine oil shelf life and the reasons that why it goes dark after a time? Engine oil absorbs soot caused by the engine combustion because one of the basic engine oil feature is absorbing

If the color of the oil doesn’t change, it means that the oil that you are using is not good enough and it is time for you to get worried and change your oil as soon as possible

Because as we mentioned one of the most important featured of an acceptable oil is absorbing, this feature causes protecting engine

Soot deposits on the moving parts of the engine and causes oil burning, wear of parts and it cause damage to the engine

When engine starts working, the oil is in exposure of oxidation and thermal decomposition

The oil’s ingredient goes bad after a time and this absorption of impurities and cleaning power decrease, now it is the right time to change the oil of engine, not just because of the color but also because of the lack of function

Engine Oil Importance

When we want to mention importance of engine oil, we can give you an example and compare it with human body, as water is essential for our body, engine oil is essential for engine

Without it engine become fragile and dry

Now imagine this dry part has to work constantly, not only it hurts itself but also it causes damage to other parts too

 Engine oil API buying guide + Great price

This is why we can’t use any unknown and cheap lubricant for our engine and we have to pay extra attention to choosing the right one

We have to consider feature of a good engine oil, its replacement time and its replacement location

Let us remind you couple of importance of engine oil:

It has effect on Lifespan of our vehicle
It has effect on Lifespan of our engine
It has effect on Reduction of friction
It has effect on cooling engine
It has effect on Prevents Corrosive wear

So as we mentioned one of the most important usage of engine oil is cleaning engine and collecting dust and dirt and sediment

If we don’t change it on time, it will be extremely harmful for engine

These sediments increase oil’s density and imagine this thick oil with high amount of sediment, wants to lubricate metal parts it will be a sandpaper for sure, instead of lubricant

Properties of Engine Oil

A good product, should has some properties
When we talk about engine oil, we talk about an essential additive of vehicle engine
You can read some of its features as follow

Cleaning and flowing combustion material, inside the cylinder chamber and the piston until it reaches the oil filter

Antioxidant property and less combination with air, increases the viscosity and production of organic acids in the oil, it prevents oxidation of antioxidant oils added

Anti-wear property: when the oil is in high pressure and high temperatures, a very thin layer is created between the surfaces, which adds a lot of resistance by adding these materials

Suitable permeability for lubrication operations in different parts of the engine

resistant to heat for balancing engine environment, which is extremely hot cause of combustion

 Engine oil API buying guide + Great price

We can also say that engine oil cause cooling the engine, reduction of friction and prevent its abrasion, transferring metal particles of engine to oil filter, preventing deposit of soot on piston ring, bearings and valves and so on, keeping engine part clean, preventing rust and corrosion of engine parts, assist in sealing the piston ring to preventing gas leak in cylinder, reduction of engine vibration

If we expect the oil, does its job perfectly, it should have this feature:

Enough viscosity, it means that oil should has enough fluency style
Chemically it should be heat resistance and could tolerate high temperature

The oil should be fluent enough in cold, to helps engine turning on easily
The oil shouldn’t get too loose in heat and its evaporation rate shouldn’t be high

Disadvantages of Engine Oil

Now we want to mention disadvantage and advantage of engine oil that we use for our vehicle engine

As we mentioned above, engine oil for engine is like water for body, what happens if we drink polluted water?
Absolutely something wrong will happen with our body, like some poison through in our vein, it causes malfunctioning in our body

Now imagine what happens if we use fake or expired oil

Since demand for engine oil is highly increase these past years, some frauds, use this opportunity to sell their own fake goods, lack of knowledge about these goods, cause this confusion and also people can’t recognize fake or original products themselves

Suppling fake oil is some kind of fraud, but sometimes people are looking to purchase this, because these fake products are really cheap in market

This common mistake may cause engine breakdowns in long term

Because side effect of this fake oils is going to cost you a lot

 Engine oil API buying guide + Great price

Some features of fake products:

Smell like petroleum (When you feel that the oil smells like petroleum and too similar with each other, the chances of this oil breaking down is very high)

Extra dark color (The dark color of the engine oil is very normal and can’t be denied, But if the engine oil color is close to black, this sign can’t be simply ignored)

Engine oil has a relatively high density and its viscosity is generally around 5 to 50
Naturally, this engine oil cannot be trusted when the oil has an unusual and intense density
The viscosity of engine oil must be somehow that lubricate the surface

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