Buy Engine Oil for Bikes + Great Price

Buy Engine Oil for Bikes + Great Price

Here we want to describe engine oil codes
As you know there are different types of products explained before
Engine oil has an important effect on engine function
You have to check your oil level more often and if your oil is lower than normal you have to add some to make it balance
There is an international chart for figuring out which type of engine oil is suitable for our vehicle
There are special codes written on the can of engine oil showing if it fits your vehicle or not
By knowing your vehicle engine information, easily you can choose the type of oil that your car needs
But sometimes some brands make their codes that are exclusively for their own, and if you use that code to buy another brand, you can’t find what you need
First, you have to convert that code the brand used to the international code, then you can purchase that type with another brand

 Buy Engine Oil for Bikes + Great Price

For example, the TOTAL brand uses the nickname 7000 for describing 10w40 engine oil
If you are a TOTAL brand user and now you want to change your engine brand into SHELL, you can’t say I need 7000 SHELL
First, you have to convert it into international code that is 10w40 then ask for what you need

Types of Engine Oil for Bikes

Nowadays there are different types of engine oil for all vehicles, such as motorcycles, cars, bikes, trucks, etc
depending on the vehicle and weather, we can choose and change the engine oil
It is the same for motorcycles
it is recommended to use a special type for summer and another type for winter because the function of the motor in different seasons is the same but because of climate change, it needs a different kind of oil for the engine to work smoothly
Of course, it is for countries where summer and winter have extreme temperature differences
For a city like Dubai the temperature in winter and summer are almost the same, I mean temperature change is less than 10-15 degrees, we don’t have to change the oil for different seasons

 Buy Engine Oil for Bikes + Great Price

Have you ever wondered about the difference between car engine oil and motorcycle engine oil? The answer is easy, in cars we have to use different kinds of oils such as engine oil, gear oil and Hydraulic steering oil all are different features and different tanks in a car, but for a motorcycle, you only have to use one model to lubricate the engine and gears
There are some standards for the lubricant that we use
Such as API (American Petroleum Institute) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
There is a chart in which you will find the relevant information

Types of Engine Oil Grades

As we mentioned above, we have different types and grades of engine oils, it depends on your vehicle’s engine
You have to choose the product type that your car needs
One of the most important points that you should consider is that you can’t mix and blend different kinds of oils, it only damages your engine
For engine standards, we mentioned that we have international abbreviation such as SAE, API, and ASTM standard that defines our products
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) describes oil viscosity, API (American Petroleum Institute) for quality and performance

 Buy Engine Oil for Bikes + Great Price

SAE is for viscosity as we mentioned
there are two subcategories for this: codes with W and codes without
For example 20w50 and SAE 70, with SAE description you can understand the function of these two oil, just by their name
The greater the SAE number, the more viscosity would be
W is short for winter and it doesn’t use for oils that are suitable for summer
We use 2 numbers for describing oils that we use in winter but we only use 1 number to describe the oil that we use in summer
It is called monograde (SAE 70) and multi-grade (20w50)
For multi-grade oils, we blend a certain percentage of oil with low viscosity with Polymers to improve the viscosity index
Considering this chart below, SAE 20w50 is acting like SAE20 when it is cold and when the weather is hot it acts like SAE50
just pay attention to the chart

Engine Oil Types Explained

We explained engine oil function and also different types of those, let’s take a look at the international category

API (American Petroleum Institute): it divided engine oils into 2 groups
First for gasoline vehicles is shown by S (abbreviation of serves) and second for diesel engines which is shown by C (commercial) it shows the quality level of each product

ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval) this organization is established in 1994 for approving the quality levels of gasoline oils
According to ILSAC definitions, The API quality certification label is specified on the engine oil packaging for oil selection

Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil Quality (API)

 Buy Engine Oil for Bikes + Great Price

CA (Fuel with low sulfur content, easy condition )
CB (fuels contain a higher percentage of the sulfur, normal condition of diesel engine )
CC( job situation easy to hard )
CD ( for use in diesel vehicles with poor quality fuel)
CD-H (same with CD)
CE (low speed and high load as well as high speed, high load )
CF-4 ( can be used instead of CE, CD-quality level
CF ( same with CD quality degree )
CF-2 (same with CD-H )
CG-4 ( they move at high speed, same CD, CE, CG-4)
CH-4 ( they move at high speed too, same with CF4 and CG-4 )
CI-4 ( oil for light, medium, and heavy diesel engines )
SA ( especially for gasoline and diesel engine
SB ( for gasoline engine and needed minimum additive)
SC ( Stainless and anti-wear materials)
SD )same with SC, more additives, resistant to extreme changes in engine temperature )
SE ( same with SD more additive )
SF ( same with SE more antioxidant and anti-wear materials )
SG ( same with SF more additive and better quality )
SH ( same with SG)
SJ ( same with SH )
SL ( one of the best grades that have API standards and enough points in SAE viscosity in gasoline modern engines)
SM ( for use in car engines until 2010 )
SN ( it can be used for all engine types, designed from 2010 by now )

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