Best engine oil supplier + great purchase price

Best engine oil supplier + great purchase price

There are so many different 10w40 oil types for your engine that it can be challenging to choose the best one with a good price
After reading this article, it would no longer be a problem for you to choose the best one as a wholesale supplier
This article will talk about the specifications of the best 10w40 engine oils, the most common types of 10w40 engine oils, which are entirely synthetic and semi-synthetic
Later on, we will also talk about some known brands and their quality compared to our 10w40 engine oil
As a wholesale supplier, we recommend you read this article to the end so that you can purchase the best quality engine oil for your market and your region
If you want to have the perfect maintenance on your car or motorcycle, you have to choose the best type of 10w-40 engine oil currently available on the market
The formula of our engine oils is perfect for lubricating your vehicles and also your business
Indeed, our products are among the top ten best quality 10w40 engine oils; that’s why we recommend them to you and your market
In the next part, we are going to talk about full synthetic engine oils

10w40 engine oil fully synthetic

Engine oil varies from full synthetic to semi-synthetic depending on the amount of mineral oil used in it
Our 10w-40 oil also comes in different types depending on your market needs
The quality of fully synthetic oils is much better than semi-synthetic or mineral oils
Engines that require semi-synthetic oil might benefit from upgrading to full synthetic oil to increase the protection and performance of the engine

 Best engine oil supplier + great purchase price

These oils are also called multigrid oils, and the numbers you see on the products are used to show oil thickness or viscosity at high and low temperatures
You may start to think about what kind of oil is best for your engine
You may already be familiar with the meaning of 10w-40, but for those who are not aware, we are going to explain a little about these numbers
The number before W indicates the oil’s viscosity in winter or in low temperatures when we want to start our engine
The number after W refers to the viscosity level of the oil at 100 degrees, which is the typical temperature of the engine when operating
These numbers are assigned to different grades by the Society of Automotive Engineers, known as SAE

10w40 engine oil semi synthetic

As you know, 10w40 semi synthetic oil is cheaper than full synthetic engine oil because it is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oil
Semi-synthetic oils have been the common engine oils for a long time
However, many people nowadays prefer to use fully synthetic oils, even for engines requiring semi-synthetic oil
This product is sometimes called high viscosity oil, and it can also be helpful for old engines having leakage problems
Some people might ask if the semi-synthetic oil damages their engine
The answer to this question is that it does not cause any visible or prompt adverse effects on your engine or car

 Best engine oil supplier + great purchase price

Nevertheless, although better than mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil does not guarantee the same protection that full synthetic oil gives to your engine and car
Your customers probably are faced with a wide variety of engine oils in the market, so our company can also make different packaging per your request
You can even choose among some brands that we have for your order
Our products have the best quality and will lubricate your car in the best possible way
But there are still some oils that can destroy your engine; for example, on the label of an oil gallon, it is printed that it does not have any additives and is not suitable for most engines produced around 90 years ago
It is also mentioned that using this particular kind of oil on modern engines may cause harm
Consequently, it is not wise to use such oils just because they have lower prices

10w40 engine oil specification

Our company’s engine oils, 10w40 included, have several grades indicating a specification appropriate for a particular purpose
10w40 is a lubricating oil helping protect your engine throughout the years in all seasons
Not only does it keep your engine clean, but it also protects your engine from leakage
It is the most important material used when you have your car serviced
In simple terms, the friction among engine components should be alleviated to reduce corrosion, and that’s when the oil comes in and provides a thin covering around engine components to reduce engine deterioration
Explanation of the engine oil specification could not be done in a paragraph, so I’m going to explain it in full in another article soon
Still, for now, as mentioned above, we have three main types of engine oil: full synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oil
Full synthetic engine oil protects your engine in the best possible way because it’s based on the most advanced oil technology to reduce your fuel consumption, therefore helping bring about an eco-friendlier lifestyle
This type of oil has improved greatly during the last few years, becoming exceptionally the first-rate engine oil used in most modern engines
There has been a lot of research and years of study behind producing the full synthetic engine oil, so naturally, it is more expensive and inherently more cost-effective

 Best engine oil supplier + great purchase price

The second type of engine oil is semi-synthetic oil which is somehow in between, meaning it is not as great as the full synthetic oil, and still, it is not as bad as the mineral engine oils
The good thing about semi-synthetic engine oil is that it is affordable for most people and somehow offers protection compared to mineral oils
Although it doesn’t guarantee full protection of your engine, experts say this synthetic blend engine oil is much better than mineral oils regarding engine components lubrication, fuel consumption rate, and other technical benefits, which do not fit into this short article
The last kind of engine oil which is rarely used today is mineral oil
Although it is cheaper than the two grades mentioned earlier, they do not provide the protection and lubrication needed for modern engines
They are basically petroleum oils that are refined to work in different temperatures, whether so cold or so hot
They also do not protect your engine against corrosion and destruction like synthetic and semi-synthetic grades
You should also change the oil more often because they only last below 5000 kilometers

10w40 engine oil mileage

The mileage that an engine oil takes to stop being useful very much depends on the grade and specifications of the 10w40 grade oil or any other grade
For mineral engine oils, the usual mileage is up to 3000 miles or 5000 kilometers or less depending on the brand and the conditions under which it is being used, but in most cases, it should be changed much sooner
For semi-synthetic engine oil, again, depending on the brand and conditions, 3000 to 5000 miles (5000 to 8000 kilometers) would be a good time to change the oil
And, for full synthetic oil, you don’t need to change the oil before 5000 to 10000 miles (8000 to 16000 kilometers), especially if great quality brands like ours make it

10w40 engine oil Motul

Motul is a brand that manufactures 10w-40 synthetic blend engine oil
Although many people use that and do not face any problems, many professionals complain about the poor quality of semi-synthetic and full synthetic Motul oils, saying they are almost the same as mineral oils and wear out extremely faster than other brands
What we offer you to test our products for your market and enjoy the great quality of our products and keep them coming and asking for more
Wholesale business people are recommended to get in contact with our experts through the links provided to get updates on the advances in technology and the best quality that our products offer

10w40 engine oil Castrol

Castrol is another brand producing 10w40 semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oil for your engine
It is also among the most famous brands for cars and other vehicles
The viscosity index does not play any role here since all forms of engine oils come in the same three grades mentioned earlier

 Best engine oil supplier + great purchase price

The viscosity, which is the fluidity of the oil, is indicated by SAE codes that usually have “W” in between
SAE, which stands for Society of Automotive Engineers, has defined these codes to make it more understandable for people to check the viscosity of their engine oil
SAE 10w40 engine oil, for example, says that in the winter or when the vehicle is not working, the oil is four times thinner than when it is working

10w40 engine oil Shell

Some people believe that Shell is the best 10w40 engine oil available in the market, but that could not be true when our top-quality engine oils are on the market
It is considered an excellent lubricant for all diesel, petrol, and gasoline engines
They say this brand lubricates your engine as if it came out of the factory yesterday
Shell is one of the favorite brands among users
These products are produced with the most modern technology that helps protect your engine after working for thousands of kilometers

 Best engine oil supplier + great purchase price

The minerals and synthetic ingredients of this 10w40 engine oil achieve a very high level of performance during their life cycle
In fact, if you buy our oil, you will no longer have to worry about changing the formula or your 10w40 engine oil when the season changes
Since our 10w40 engine oil is multigrid and can withstand different temperatures from summer to winter, it can easily take care of your engine until the next time you have to change your engine oil which is running your car for at least 5000 kilometers
Our oils help keep the engine clean for a long time so that you can drive with safety and peace of mind
If you want to protect your vehicle, you should only rely on the best, and our brand help protects all the components of your engine

10w40 engine oil for bike

Choosing the right engine oil for your bike is very important because it has an essential role in your vehicle’s lifespan and smooth operation
In other words, if you don’t care about the type of 10w40 oil you fill your bike with, your bike will not last long enough, and its engine will soon be broken
You should consider some factors when you want to choose an engine oil for your bike; Engine oil grade is the most important factor, which is always printed on the can or bottle and includes a number and letter followed by another number
For example, the grade we are referring to in this article is 10w40, meaning the viscosity of this oil is ten in winter when the engine is down, and the viscosity changes to 40 in the typical conditions of the engine when it is working, which is hot
Another important factor worth considering is the type and brand of engine oil that the bike manufacturing company has recommended
All bikes and scooters have a manufacturer-provided user manual recommending the type and brand that best fits your engine, so it would be good to listen to them
The third important factor concerning choosing these products is the types of engine oil in the market
As mentioned before, there are generally three types; full synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oil
These three types of engine oils are already explained above

10w40 engine oil 1 liter

10w40, like any other engine oil, comes in many different shapes and packages, ranging from 1 liter cans and bottles to 4 and 5 liter cans and gallons and even larger cans and gallons for wholesale purposes
While 1 liter cans and bottles are mostly used for bikes and scooters, 4 and 5 liter cans and gallons are used for cars and other similar vehicles

 Best engine oil supplier + great purchase price

Our products are a combination of great quality and advanced technology in order to provide you with long-lasting engine oil and a smooth car engine operation under different conditions
In this article, we talked about some of the so-called best brands of 10w40 engine oils and also about the quality of our products which undoubtedly is the best in the world both in quality and technology
We also suggest that if you like to get more informed about the best quality engine oils and get the techniques to tell if the oil is good, contact our experts to help you find the best quality products for you and your market

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